How to transfer data through LAN wire in Windows 8 or Windows 7

Did you ever tried to transfer data through LAN wire? It is very useful when there are large files to transfer from a computer to other and no storage devices like pen drives or external hard drives are available at that time. Transferring data through LAN wire increase data transfer speed. In this article I will show you how to transfer data through LAN wire in windows 8 or windows 7.

LAN (Local Area Network) is a very useful feature of windows. Transferring data through LAN make data transfer very easy. This is an inbuilt feature of windows so you don’t need any third party software to perform transfer. To transfer data through LAN firstly you have a LAN wire to connect the two systems. There is always a separate port in computers for LAN cable. You should make sure that your LAN driver is installed properly.

Steps to perform data transfer through LAN

  1. Connect the systems with LAN cable.
  2. Right click on the drive containing the data to be transferred.
  3. Click on Properties > Sharing > Advance sharing option.
  4. Check on the option “share this folder” and apply these settings.
  5. Share the folder containing the files to be transferred as mentioned above.
  6. In the second system in which data is to be transferred open “My Computer”.
  7. In left explore bar click on “Networks”.
  8. Refresh your system once or twice.
  9. Now the first computer will be showing on the screen.
  10. Open the computer and if it asks for the user name and password, enter the user name and password of first computer.
  11. Now it will be showing the shared drive or folder on your screen, copy the files you want and paste them to your local machine.


NOTE: – 1. Make sure your LAN driver is installed properly.

2. No manual IP address should defined for your LAN connection.

3.  If you are working on a shared network, make sure there should not be any manual IP         address defined in your system.

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