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Elysium Hollywood Movie| Details,Trailer,Photos Cast & Crew

Elysium is a Hollywood movie bases on action, adventure and fantasy. The movie will release on 9 august 2013. The movie is created under the direction ofNeill Blomkamp and distributed by TriStar Pictures. The movie is produced in United States of America and will release world-wide. The movie Elysium is filmed in many locations likeVancouver, British Columbia, Canada,Mexico City, Mexico.


The Movies shows the life of human kinds in year 2159. According to this movie there are two types of people lived in the world. One who are very wealthy, lives in pristine man made space station called Elysium and the rest lived in an overpopulated and ruined earth. The People in Earth are desperate to escape the crime and poverty from the earth and wants to create the better medical and other facilities on earth but some people in Elysium did not want so. They want to preserve and save their luxurious life style and world.

The only man who want to bring change in these circumstances is Max. Who is an ordinary man from earth and needs to get to Elysium. He takes dangerous mission for his peoples. He faces many consequences in his way but he faces them all. If he succeed , he could save the life of millions of peoples in earth but he fails then…….


Max- Matt Damon

Secretary Delacourt- Jodie Foster

Kruger- Sharlto Copley

Julio- Diego luna

Trailer and Videos:

Elysium Official Trailer


Elysium Official Trailer 2 + Trailer Review : HD PLUS


Elysium Trailer -photos2

Elysium Trailer -photos2


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