turbo c for windows

Download Turbo C for Windows 8 x64 bit Operating Systems and Notebooks

Many people are facing the problem with turbo c in 64 bit operating systems. Because of some compatibility issues it might be not running on your computer. In some cases it is running but not in full screen. This creates a big problem to engineering and other students or any other users. Traditional turbo c is not running in new Laptops and PCs because of compatibility issues. Traditional Turbo c is designed only for 32 bit architecture. But now most of the laptops and pcs are coming with 64 bit architecture, so peoples are unable to run Turbo c in those systems. Here I am going to tell you how to run turbo c in Windows 8/7 x64 bit Operating Systems and Notebooks.

A new turbo c is released by the developers which support the full screen mode and the 64 bit architecture in laptops and PCs. The traditional turbo c is a DOS based application which can run in windows XP but after XP, Microsoft removed some compatibility of DOS application. Because of this turbo c was not running in latest versions of Windows. All the compatibility issues are solved in this version of Turbo c.

Download Turbo C for windows 8 here

Download TurboC++ for Windows 8_v3.7.7.7major_release

turbo c for windows

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