What to Buy on Dhanteras| Dhanteras Pujan Vidhi | Dhanteras Story | Happy Dhanteras 2013

What to Buy on Dhanteras| Dhanteras Pujan Vidhi | Dhanteras Story | Happy Dhanteras 2013| Dhanteras Celebration| Dhanterass Date 2013| Dhanteras Puja Subh Muhurth| Importance of Dhanteras|Happy Dhanteras SMS | Dhanteras Wishes | Happy Dhanteras 2013 |Happy Dhanteras Message |Dhanteras SMS in Hindi

Dhanteras is spent in worshipping Lord Yama  the god of death  to provide prosperity and well being. It is also the day for celebrating wealth, as the word Dhan literally means wealth and Teracomes from the date 13th. People flock to the jewelers and buy gold or silver jewelry or utensils to venerate the occasion of Dhanteras.It is also known as Dhan Trayodashi.it is important what you buy on Dhanteras andThe worshipping of Dhanteras should be done in subh muhurt.Dhanterass is a advance welcome for Maa Luxmi who will be worshiped on the day of Diwali.


Happy Dhanteras

Happy Dhanteras

What to Buy on  Dhanteras:

Bringing home the silver idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha, increases wealth, success and growth at house, offices and business organisation.

Dhanteras has special significance to the business community of India. Every Shopkeeper, Businessmen, jewelers and corporate houses worship Goddess Luxmi  in order to please Maa Laxmi. Especially the jewelers celebrate this festival in the most pompous manner in the gold market areas because buying gold and silver jewelry is considered auspicious on this day .There is also a significance of buying new utensils on this day. But avoid buying something with a sharper edge like forks, knives etc.

Other items like silver coins, pooja accessories, brass, metallic, fiber or wooden idols of gods and goddesses can be given out to near and dear ones. Sending Dhanteras sweets to relatives and acquaintances is another way to celebrate this festival.

Dev Dhanwantri was born on Dhan Trayodashi. Lord Dhawantri is the doctor of all God. Hence, many new inventions in the field of medical science are started on this day. It is auspicious to buy silver on the day of Dhantares.Donating some medicines or eye/ear drops to the needy people on Dhanteras is also considered auspicious since this day is marked with a legend of the physician of Gods – Dhanwantri Ji.Lord Dhanwantri appeared in sea with an urn, hence, there is a tradition of buying utensils of this day. It is believed buying utensils or silver increases their count by 13 times. Also, buying seeds of dried coriander and keeping them in house increases wealth. On the day of Diwali, these seeds are sown in garden or farms. These seeds are the symbol of growth and wealth increment in a persons life.
Happy dhanteras

What to Buy on Dhanteras| Dhanteras Pujan Vidhi | Dhanteras Story | Happy Dhanteras 2013


Dhanteras Pujan Vidhi:


Material Required for Dhanteras  Puja

  • One Deepak/Diya made of flour dough with 4 wicks
  • Wicks, Oil/Ghee and Matchbox
  • Coins
  • Aasan to be seated on
  • Sweets
  • Kheel & Batasha
  • Dhoop & Dhoopdaan
  • A Shell with a hole
  • Flowers, Rice, Roli
  • Sacred Water and a Spoon

Method of Performing Dhanteras Puja.

  • Four-wicked diya is placed on the slightly higher podium.
  • Oil/ghee is put in the diya after placing the cotton wicks in it.
  • The cowry shell is placed on the diya.
  • The diya is lit to please Lord Yamraja and to pay respect to the departed ancestors of the family. The diya is thus referred to as Yamadeep.
  • Some holy water is sprinkled out from the panchapatra copper vessel, around the diya. Then puja is performed using roli, rice and coins.
  • Four sweets are offered to each wick of the diya.
  • Many people offer kheel and batasha also. Then dhoop (incense) is lit.
  • Women as a ritual go round the diya four times and pray.
  • The eldest women or the unmarried female of the family puts tilak and rice on the forehead of everyone who sits for puja.
  • The male member of the house covers his head with a piece of clean cloth. He then takes the lit diya and keeps it at the right side of the main entrance.
  • After the puja ceremony completes, the family members touch the feet of elderly and take blessings from them.

The worshipping of Dhanteras should be done in Subh Muhurat. First of all 13 lamps should be lighted and Kuber in the Locker should be worshipped. Lord Kuber is worshipped and offered flowers and it is said the I worship you Kuber lord who sits on the best plane similar to Garudamani, holding Gadha in both the hands and wearing crown on head, dear friend of lord Shiva.

After this worship with incense sticks, lamps, Navedy and chant the following mantra

Aum shree aum durga aum
Hari aum mahalakshmi namaha
Thirumaal maarbil vaazhum lakshi
Sree vaikundam aalum lakshmi
Thevargal pottrum maha lakshmi
Thiruvarul puriya veettauukku vaa

Dhanteras Story:

Once upon a time, a king ruled a state. After many years, a child was born in his house. An astrologer said about king’s child that the boy will die after 4 days from his marriage.

King felt very depressed on hearing the words of astrologer. To save his son from any such incident, king had sent the boy to a place where no lady used to live nearby. Once, a princess passed from that path. Prince and princess saw each other and fascinated. They decided to get married.

According to the predictions made by astrologer, exactly after 4 days Yamdoot can to take the life of the prince. Seeing Yamdoot, wife of prince started mourning. Yamdoot requested Yamraj to tell a way to save the life of prince. Yamraj said, if ,a person who worship him on the Trayodashi night of Kartik Krishna Paksha with lamps facing the south direction then he never has the fear of sudden death. Since that day, lamps are lighted outside the house in south direction on Dhanteras.

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